Expression Maps and Orchestral Templates

Am I right in thinking that all the expression maps you create are only visible to the Project you are in? That is, if you want to use them in other projects, then you have to export them one by one to a file and then import them one by one into a new Project?

If this is so, then wouldn’t it be better to create a template project which holds all your expression maps?

Or are expression maps remembered as part of ‘Playback Templates’?

Expression maps and percussion maps are local to the project. The best way I advise to use them is to create a template project with a subset of instruments, eg an SATB group, string section, and then use the template project while you’re getting the expression map set up how you would like. Then save an endpoint configuration for that selection of instruments. When you create a playback template from the individual endpoint configurations, that will import all required playback templates and custom playback techniques. If you later add an enhancement to the expression map then do that in the template project and then re-save the endpoint configuration. It will then be automatically be picked up in any other project the next time you apply the playback template.

I wish I’d done as Paul suggests from the beginning as I learned the hard way from missing custom playback techniques when I only saved the EM’s.

Thanks Paul… will do.