Expression maps and pitch wheel


I’m trying to create to create a playback template and expression map for Kontakt Session Horns Pro.
I’ve run in to an issue with Falls and Doits which is controlled by the pitch wheel in this VST.
I cant seem to find a way to make Dorico send an expression to pitch wheel and so I’m wondering. Is there a work-around for this (like a plug-in/script)? And will a expression control for pitch-wheel be added in the future?

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You can draw the pitch bend changes in the Play Tab / Automation lane for that instrument.

Welcome to the forum, Christian. There’s no way to send a pitch bend message via a switch in an expression map at the moment, but I’ve made a note of this and we’ll see about adding it in future.

What kind of message is required by Session Horns Pro? Does it need a pitch bend set to a specific value, or a sweep of values over a particular time period? Something else?

Hi Daniel and thank you for replying.

From what I can gather:
Turn the Pitch Wheel fully up and play a chord or note which ends with quick Doits. (pitch bend message 8001 and up)
Turn the Pitch Wheel up just a bit to get slower Doits. (pitch bend message 1000 to 8000)
Turn the Pitch Wheel fully down and play a chord or note which ends with quick Falls. (pitch bend message -1000 to 3999)
Turn the Pitch Wheel half down to get the slower Falls. (pitch bend message -4000 to 8000)
Turn the Pitch Wheel down just a bit to get the slowest Falls (pitch bend message -8001 and down)

So it is a specific range of values for each of the sampled techniques, but if a specific setting is used, the a pitch wheel sweep will work as a glissandi .
The values of the message was not available in Session horns documentation, so this is what I’ve gathered using ReaControlMIDI from Cockos.

That would work, but I’d prefer not having to assign the playing technique for then to manually automate it for each instrument. Maybe some sort of a script could work?

Thank you for the suggestion Gregory.

What units are these values measured in? Normally MIDI data goes from 0 to 127. Perhaps these values are arrived at by multiplying fine and coarse pitch bend messages together?

If I understood it correctly, the pitchwheel message is of a higher resolution the a standard MIDI message. the message is a 2 databyte 14 bit message which results in 16383 steps (+8192 to -8192) for a higher resolution on the bend signal “source” . This is beyond what I understand and I’m just repeating what the source video told me, so forgive me for not being able to answer you better.

It seems like Dorico MIDI Pitch Bend is work of these values in a form of +/- 100% bend from what I can see.

Yah, I know what you mean… It is the easiest of the work arounds that I know of. I was a little excited at Daniel’s question so if I might add:

@dspreadbury I feel like the forum keeps asking for everything. But ff you ever did decide to offer the functionality, I’d find significant use for it with a number of libs or soft synths

    • I’d ask for the “change MIDI value over time” functionality to be available for CC as well as Pitch Bend.
    • I think a static expression map entry would be problematic, as I’d always be needing to tweak each instance in the score a bit. (Why drawing curves today in Play is not so bad)
    • Ultimate win - I’d envision it as being similar to hairpins and dynamic markings in the score except being for MIDI: So that we can adjust the duration, beginning and ending values there.
    • I think we could make the notation ourselves easily enough with the existing lines/glyphs in the PT editor if the underlying MIDI functionality existed. I’d probably want to create specific PT for clearest understanding, IE Filter < 80 where the < is a solid triangle. In Christian’s case maybe he just wants what looks like gliss or fall.

Keep or Sweep sir…

I managed to find a work-around that was sufficient for the Doits/Falls on release by making an unassigned CC act as a low-res pitch wheel and resetting it at the end of the playing technique. Sadly I need the CC to be triggered a bit earlier then the played note to make the Doits/Falls on Note to work properly.