Expression maps and setting up

Hi :slight_smile:
So I have started to explore the potential of using Expression maps.
And having seen how they work on various Youtube videos.I have started to make my own starting with the awesome Novo,by Heavyocity
Hoping eventually to have a collection of various Expression maps for my libraries

Is there a limit as to how many Expresion maps I can set up,or Import?

I haven’t hit a limit working with a 1000+ instrument track disabled template sporting hundreds of them. I should mention that loading and creating them is fairly easy but a lot of work for something like this. To note, once you have a large number of them and you are trying to select the correct map for the track in the expression map box, you will have to go to the bottom of the list and hold down the arrow key and let it scroll till you get to the last one. It is possible to click in the expression map box and then use the arrow key and go up and it will cycle back to the end of the list quicker. Tedious but once you’re done it works great…

Thank you bud for the advice,I will have another go at creating expression maps :slight_smile: