Expression Maps and speed

(Deleted question about techniques and speed)

I think the best bet is to define a set of ‘Natural’ switches that cover all of the note lengths, so that Dorico always knows which sound you expect it to choose for all five of the lengths defined.

Daniel, thank you for your answer! I am sorry to have deleted my question just before reading your question, since I had come to the same solution as in your answer.


Since we are here: in VSL’s and other libraries, there are also prerecord repetitions. Sets of repeating phrases, where you just play a note, and the repeating phrase is automatically played. Upbeats, fast repetition, double and triple tonguing.

Is there a recommended way of letting an expression map select these techniques? Maybe they are to be considered different that a repeated Natural, because you have to write a single note with playback activated, and mute the following ones.


Sorry, another question on this issue: how to differentiate between repeated notes, and fast intervals?

For example, I can have Repeated Legato, where the bow repeats the same note without stopping the bow. And I can have Legato Intervals in various speeds.

Should the speed condition only be reserved to repetitions of the same note, or can they be also used for varying degrees of legato intervals? If positive, how can we let the expression map know how to differentiate between them?


There’s currently no way of triggering the repetition articulations automatically.

Thank you, Paul. So, the solution is to mute all notes after the first one, and add a (hidden) playing technique over the first one.