Have started to create and expression map for VSL Synchron Vibes. I wanted to start simply and have just one patch change. The expression map I created VSL SY VIBES (see screen save) does not show up in the pull down menu in the Endpoint setup (see screen save). I really would appreciate some help. I have spent hours trying to crack expression and percussion maps with some but little success. I mainly use VSL and the Synchron instruments can have many patches and VSL has not provided maps for all of their instruments yet.I am sure I am doing something stupid but it has been very frustrating.

I am no expert at Expression Maps, just made my first one the other day. But I did notice that sometimes if there is a long list, I can’t scroll to the bottom of the list to select the ones “off screen”. Did you try to rename it something else, so maybe it appears higher up in the list and see if that helps?

Hey kclments. thanks for the reply. I should have included that piece of info. Yes I did scroll up and down countless times. I will go over it again and see if I am missing something. Odds are I am at fault and not understanding something obvious. I think I have been able to scroll to the bottom of the list to select the ones “off screen.” Will look into that too. Seems kind of odd behavior for Dorico though.

Thanks again. All of you in the forum and at Dorico are really great. I will keep trying.


Are you in the same project you created the map in? If not, it won’t show up. You’d need to export from the one you created the EM in and them import into the new project

Hey kclements,
I got it. I had not changed the Expression Map ID name. Once I did that, it showed up fine. As usual, it was my mistake.
Thanks again.