Expression Maps Bug with CCs?


I’m using 2 different string libraries for which I created expression maps.
The keyswitching works perfect to change articulations.
However, each of these libraries use CCs to change other tools (Auto divisi in LASS uses CC30 - Sordino in CSS uses CC58)
When I’m playing it works as it’s supposed to, however, when I record none of those CC’s are recorded…

What’s going on???
(Edit) I found a workaround for LASS. But for CSS won’t work because the Legato and Sordino are activated only by CC58 specific velocities

Thanks in Advance

So, after messing around, it seems to be a limitation. CCs output only work in the group 1 for articulations. Can anyone confirm this?
Additionally, In the outputs menu, I cant assign different sound slots to different midi channels, all the sound slots can only go to only 1 midi channel…
I keep exploring the Expression Maps