Expression Maps bug?

Hi there,
I just tried to integrate Spitfire Symphonic Strings with Expression Maps into Dorico. When I changed legato expression to note length 110% Dorico did not store that value, but it set length back to 100% and transposition to 1, which obviously results in every legato passage to sound one semitone to high. I know that playback is not at the very top of your priority list, but maybe you could already look into this for the forthcoming bugfix update.

Seem to remember that those settings aren’t implemented yet within the Xmaps. The global settings under Playback options/timing work, however.

I’m having this same issue now. Has it been fixed yet?

I think I noticed when changing information in expression maps that I couldn’t just make all the changes and then hit okay at the bottom. I had to hit return after each input or it wouldn’t keep the change.

I can’t check now, but I think remembered catching that. (Trying not to grumble about programmers adopting different common standards)

It seems like it’s quite buggy.

I’ve had the problem above, I’ve also had it randomly setting the transpose value to 1. I’ve just uncovered another bug with the expression maps editor not picking up new playback techniques I’ve created. Trying a restart of Dorico now to see if this fixes it.

Can someone else try the following:
Create a new expression map
Enter two articulations, natural and legato
Click the legato articulation
Set the length to 105 and hit return
Click on natural articulation
Click back to legato articulation.

Does it reset back to 100%?

The Length parameter is not currently implemented, I’m afraid. It appears in the dialog because the value is imported from Cubase expression maps when you import them, but the field does not have any effect in Dorico at the moment. I’m sorry for any time this has wasted for you.