Expression maps bug??


I have a really wierd problem with expression maps in cubase 8.0.10 using windows 8.1. I really hope this is something simple that can quickly be solved. I have searched througt the preferences midi settings trying to solve this.

The pictures explains (look at top left expression maps). If I have a midi part with (in this example) a tremolo articulation, and then stop recording, and then add another part later in the project, without adding the articulation (because I don´t want to change the articulation, I want it to still play the tremolo articulation) it will play the first articulation in the list. This doesn´t happen if I don´t stop the song (which means I have to play the song from the beginning, without interruption). This means that I have to add in the tremolo articulation in every part throughout the whole song.

What can be wrong here??

This was not the case when using cubase 8.0.5 in OSX. Is it maybe the 8.0.10 update?

Thank you in advance!


I tried reverting to 8.0.0, didn´t solve the problem.

The articulations stop at the end of each part you record. That’s the way it works.

Solutions :
1- Glue consecutive parts where you want to keep the same articulation
2- Change your way of recording > record your notes directly in the Editor and enlarge the part as you progress.

Then I’m wondering why this wasn’t the case in osx? The articulation stayed the same until another articulation was picked, even between two midi events (with the second part empty as in my pictures). Just like it does when using ordinary keyswitches (not expression map).

I did a workaround for this annoying behaviour, by adding one empty articulation slot on top in the expression map. No if I want pizzicato to play through the whole project, I don´t have to add the pizzicato articulation to EVERY midi part. Still, annoying not to see what articulation is active if I have the play header between two parts. But works anyway.

But my question remains: Why was this not the case in OSX using Cubase 8.0.5?
Expression map.jpg