Expression Maps Bug?

First of all: Hi!
I generated a huge VSL expression map (a lot of work ;-).
All entries higher than the 152nd position will not be changed. A bug or a feature? :wink:

152 Articulations?
Seems like the most I got is about 50 or 60
It’s a lot but above all can you say a little more and / or take screenshots

Digital Performer has a nice “Expression Maps” feature: “Sync to VI”. One click and 162(!) Expressions from “VSL Solo Violin” (for instance) are imported. All the expression changes work without any problems. So, I generated an expression map of this Violin in Cubase (with the nice tool from @soundsinabox).
Then the frustration: all Expressions higher than 152 will not be recognised. I imported the Cubase Expression Map in DP. This DAW had no problem with all the imported expressions.