Expression maps capabilities

Currently I am working on an orchestra piece, and I am really trying to utilize expression mapping. The VST I am using is Modern Scoring Strings and they made their own expression map presets with all their articulations in attribute mode.

The problem I am now facing is when I assign articulations to notes and play back the session, the articulation happens after the first note is played having the previous articulation still active. In other words, it is not switching fast enough to play the articulation I want and there seems to be no way to offset the switching in attribute mode which in this case would be the best to use for Modern scoring strings expression map presets!

Is there a way to combat this? Will steinberg have an update to help with this? Does anyone else face this problem?

Yes, same problem here too, it doesn’t seem to work correctly with Attributes. At the moment I only use Direction. A long time inconvenience. We look forward to better times.

yes, either play from selection or play from before the start of the beat like in this example

it’s a bug but this works for me as a workaround