Expression maps: Change Articulation by Dynamics (?)

Hello, in the Expression Maps in the available Playing Techniques there are - next to Legato, Staccato, Vibrato, etc. - Dynamics like pp, mp, mf or ff.
Should it be possible to use them like a keyswitch to change the articulation of a VSTi depending on the dynamic in the staff? If I choose one of that (either alone or in combination with “Natural”) the VSTi doesn’t receive any MIDI-Information when playing back the arrangement.
By the way: For example in the playing techniques menu I find “Volume Swell”… I guess the meaning of that is something like crescendo (?) Should it be possible to put a crescendo in the staff to make the Expression Map switch to “Volume Swell” to play a crescendo-Sample, or what else is “Volume Swell” to be used for? How do I know, which trigger is needed for each of the various Articulation-Types?

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At the moment, it’s not possible to trigger the ff/pp etc. playing techniques with dynamics. This is something we expect to implement in future versions.

Hi Daniel,

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And the other articulations?
How can one know, if one playing technique is ready for use or not?
And if, how could one know, how to trigger them?

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The other articulations, like staccato, accent, marcato etc. can indeed be used to trigger playing techniques. All playback playing techniques can be triggered by playing technique events (either found in the Write mode panel or created via Engrave > Playing Techniques), but whether or not particular playback playing techniques are triggered by specific notations – such as dynamics, glissando lines, etc. – is not possible to tell in the user interface, I’m afraid. If you have any specific questions, ask them here and we’ll be happy to help.

Hi Daniel,

thxs for your answer.
You write: “playback playing techniques are triggered by specific notations – such as dynamics, glissando lines, etc. – is not possible to tell in the user interface”…
If I use staccato-dots above or below the notes, it has the same effect then using the playing-technique staccato.
Same to the legato-slur and the playing-technique legato.
For sure there are a lot of playing-techniques (even written in the staff) that can be used for triggering the articulations in the Expression Map…
That’s why I asked for “how could one know, which playing-technique triggers a specific articulation in the Expression Map?”…

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This may not be a complete list, but at the moment, the following trigger Playback Playing Technique changes: (in addition to Playing Technique objects)

  • staccato/staccatissimo articulations => staccato/staccatissimo playing technique, plus note shortening (see Playback Options)
  • marcato articulation => marcato
  • accent articulation => accent
  • slurs => legato
  • sfz => sfz
  • trills => half/whole tone trill

I see, thxs a lot