Expression Maps: 'Ctrl'+'Tab' should cue downwards next slot name for editing

currently, ‘Tab’ goes to the right and cue ‘Articulation 1’ selection.
Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+Enter or something, should go downward to the next slot name.

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Yes, that would be very useful.
Expression Maps setup is not suited for navigation using computer keyboard.
Too many clicks are needed to design EMs. This could lead to the carpal tunnel syndrome in case of complex Expression Maps, as I mentioned in another thread.


Yeah it’s a bit painful, i’ve figured out a few things to speed up - Open ‘Art. x’ menu and press ‘a’ to select ‘Add Custom Articulation’, and then when opening Articulations ‘Art’ menu press ‘T’ for text and then in the ‘Type’ menu ‘a’ for ‘Attribute’ or ‘d’ ‘Direction’. same thing for the Output Mapping ‘Status’ menu - ‘n’ for Note-On, ‘c’ for Controller, ‘p’ for Program.

saves a bit of time not having to manually select the menu options with the mouse

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Yes it helps but still too many (“repetitive”) clicks are necessary.

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