Expression Maps Cubase 11

I am mentally depleted after spending over 12 hours on Expression Maps for multiple orchestral libraries. I pity the poor unsuspecting victim who rushes out to purchase an orchestral library with the intention of using it in Cubase or any other DAW for that matter.
Cubase 11 should have a better system for setting up Expression Maps. Film/TV scoring is a massive market. IMO Steinberg could show a little more recognition of this with improvements to the Expression Map setup process and the Key Editor.

Expression Map New Features:

1 Add Slots dialogue:
Choose number of Slots, Set Output Mapping and select which rows will auto increment. Option to Keep
Dialogue Open.
2 Duplicate Slots.
3 Dedicated zone for displaying and choosing articulations.
4 Store user custom articulations and Slot names and display them in dedicated zone.
5 Slot names and Articulations can be dragged from dedicated zone onto a Slot.
6 Set Remote Keys independently for single or multiple selected slots.
7 Articulation description follows Slot name. (Optional)
8 Articulation selection follows Slot selection.
9 Add Slots anywhere on the list.
10 Tabs Column to organise Slots into groups for use in Key Editor.
11 Bold font for Maps being used in current project.
12 Re-order list without affecting current Map assignments.
13 Prompt before deleting Map that is being used in current project.
14 Automatable Pitch offset on each Slot for humanisation.
15 Automatable Delay offset for each Slot for humanisation.
16 Factory and User Articulation and Slot Name Presets can be used more than once and gain a numerical appendage.
17 Transport no longer affects which Slot is selected.

Expression Map setup UI enhancements:

1 Remote Keys and output mapping assignments are visually indicated and changeable on a colour coded keyboard. See VI Pro.
2 Output mapping zone is bigger.
3 Slots window and Arts. window are side by side and scroll together.
4 + and - buttons are bigger.
5 Expression Map setup is accessed by tab in the Inspector (left zone).
6 Slot list is longer in the Inspector.

Thanks for reading :confused: :mrgreen:


Yes !

And posibility to re-order the Expression Maps to have a custom order and not the chronological one

I hope MIDI 2.0 will solve this issue

Wow. 12 hours. Did you see this?

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  • Articulation colored in the Articulations lane of the Key Editor. The color could be on the name, or on the entire line, or preferably on a little box before the name

It would greatly help to find articulations and distinguish groups of articulations (longs, shorts, decorative, special…).