Expression maps disappear when disable/enable instrument tracks


maybe this is an issue long resolved (hopefully), but I came across something which doesn’t help my workflow, and hopefully I can find the solution here:

I am trying to create a big template in Nuendo 7. I’m working with disable/enable tracks to save memory space. But when I add an expression map to a track, then disable the track and close Nuendo, the next time I open Nuendo the expression map is gone (the box says ‘no expression map’).

This is very frustrating because it costs a lot of time to add the expression maps to all the tracks everytime I open Nuendo.

What can I do to ‘lock’ the expression maps to my tracks, even when I disable the tracks and close Nuendo? Or is this a bug for Nuendo 7? If so, is there a workaround to this issue?

Many thanks in advance,

Is it normal for Steinberg not replying to your ticket for 2.5 weeks? I haven’t had a response yet, which seems weird because the issue shouldn’t be so hard to reply to…

Anyone else has the same issue?