Expression maps dont work on Sonic 2 and 5 instruments?

I have tried to use the HSO expression maps on lets say the Bassoon from Sonic 2 (Full). When I use it I am not able to use the said expression say for example Staccato.

When I create my own expression map that is when the trouble starts.

I followed the instructions as per the manual.

When I playback I see to have an additional note stuck which I cant pin point which note it is. In addition half the notes stop working as well.

This happened prior to the upgrade 7.5.3.

If I removed my bespoke expression map then the phrase of music reverts back to normal.

Why don’t i seem to be able to use or create expression maps with Sonic 2 and 5 full versions VST instruments?

Think about it. If you went to a concert and listed to a piece of music it would be very boring if there were no changes in expression.

Any ideas?