Expression Maps: Dynamic playback

When creating my own expression maps, what do I need to add to get a dynamic played back?

At this moment the crescendo and diminuendo hairpins are not playing back (although they did for a while, no idea why not now anymore though). I added the diminuendo and crescendo options in teh Teachniques menu with a Volume Dynamic set to Control Change 1 and in the Actions field below that I added a Control change 1 as well. Not sure if this is needed.

None of the absolute dynamics is played back (p, mf etc), so should I add them as well to the Techniques field? Or should Dorico play them back correctly already and is this maybe a problem with the sound library I am using? (Kirk Hunter).

Basically, you should not need to do anything beyond selecting the appropriate “Volume dynamic” (CC or Key Vel.) Absolute dynamics are not required (and not possible to enter either, afaik…). In my experience there seems to be a few bugs related to the processing of dynamics though, which I’m sure the team is looking into…

Thanks. It’s always a balance act to get a Kirk Hunter instrument sounding ok, because he also has the options to set the sensitivity of the velocity and modwheel, but I think it’s ok now. Still though, the modwheel isn’t responding during crescendo and diminuendo hairpins. In the Expression Map in Dorico I have set the crescendo and diminuendo in the Techniques field to Control Change 1 and noting in the Actions field. Still, no response. Is this because of a bug still?

you don’t need the crescendo and diminuendo techniques, but they are probably relatively harmless as long as no actions are defined, but I would remove them… Have you tried changing the dynamics curve in the new Playback Options? I had to change that setting dramatically in order to make another Kontakt library respond adequately to dynamics…

And now everything works! Thanks.

I did the same (“changing the dynamics curve”) and Kontakt works much better now with dynamics, but I never get the full velocity of 127, even with ffff. And, to be honest, ffff is not what I want to write every 3 bars. ff should be enought.

Strange: in a string quartet, the first three staves (vl1, vl2, va) play the dynamics, the 4th (vc) not at all.

Same today in a Choir Score with VSL voices. Lowest system (Bass II) don’t react on dynamics.