Expression Maps for EWQL

Jellow my frrrrrriends! :smiling_imp:

Somewhere in the annals of Dorico’s website, there is a page where one can download expression maps for some devices and of course it is GREATLY appreciated.

The problem is, that it SEEMS to me that the expressions maps for EWQLSO and Choirs are outdated. I cannot import them into Dorico ver 1.0.3 :cry:

When I click on “Import Expression Map” button and navigate to the folder, the files does not even appear in the “File Open” dialogue box as the file extensions are wrong.


Is there a good Samaritan on Earth that will give me the expression maps for EWQLSO and Choirs?

In return, may God let your cup overflow with all kinds of blessings!

BTW…what a wonderful day it is outside today. One MASSIVE STORM, wind blowing and the streets are turning into rivers.

Thanks my friends
God Bless you and may you be safe from those who seek to harm us all!

Hi Hans,

I don’t know where you got your expression maps from, but the ones I loaded from seem to work OK. To check, I just tried the one for trumpets and it loaded up fine in Dorico.

You need to click the button in the Play > Expression Maps dialog to import Cubase Expression Maps, Hans, as the Expression Maps available for download from the web site are for Cubase, not Dorico (though Dorico can import Cubase-format Expression Maps).

Thanks Gentlemen, I’ll give it a go!

Aah! Thanks Daniel. I watched a YouTube video where the guy instructed that one must push the button (circled in red in the attached Pic) in order to load EWQL Expression Maps.

For those like me who are learning these new concepts. Look at the pic and click on the YELLOW button to load expression maps.

Now it works. :slight_smile:

Now…back to battling with Dirico why there is no sound when I press the “play” button. It worked…made some coffee…came back…no sound! WOW! I think it time Ulf and I talk again. :slight_smile:



what is your sound driver setting, using the Generic Low Latency driver?
And in the preferences, have you ticked the “Suspend audio device in background” option?
If possible could you please send me the project file?
What if you start with a new simple piano project and a handful of notes, does that sound?

Questions over questions :wink: