Expression Maps for PLAY

Guys, I have Expression maps for EWQL:

  1. Orchestra Platinum; and
  2. Choir

Please see pics.

HOW do I add these expr maps to Dorico, without overriding the factory settings of Dorico?

Thanks Guys
EWQL Orch Expr Maps.JPG
EWQL Choir Expr Maps.JPG

As of now, expression maps are stored only on a project-basis, so you don’t have to worry about overriding any factory settings.

This might prove bothersome, so what I suggest is importing all your expression maps and then saving an Expression Map library, which can be called in the future so as to import all those xmaps at once.

You may save your expression maps wherever you find convenient. They should be imported via the Edit Expression Maps dialog, found in Play > Expression Maps Setup.

Thanks a lot LSalgueiro! Appreciate it!

Did you create these maps, or find them online? I tried using EMs for these libraries the other day and it screwed up playback.

Not yet! I was just about to do it NOW as was trying to find the instructions again. I will let you know.

Keep well,

Hi guys,

I have a folder that contains many loose files of EWQLSO expression maps (I guess).

I want to import these EWQLSO expression maps into Dorico and then save it as an Expression Library.
Is there a way to “delete” HSO expression maps temp,

while I have EWQL XM imported or will I HAVE to merge these tow Sample Library’s XMaps?

I have searched the NET trying to find info such as “Dorico Expression Maps explained / tutorial” but nowhere someone seems to have explained this feature in more detail.

All I want to do is use my EWQL SO & Choir libraries with Dorico. PLEASE, can a knowledgeable person take the time to explain it to us? ALSO…is there someone who is willing to give us EWQL guys more updated maps for SO Platinum if possible. It would be a HUGE Xmas present :slight_smile:

Thanks guys

You can’t delete the HSO expression maps, as they are built-in to Dorico, so you will indeed have to add your EWQLSO expression maps alongside them.

You can’t currently import expression maps in such a way as they will always be available in every new project you create, but if you import all of the individual expression maps you have one-by-one into one project, you can then select all of them and export them as a single library, which will make them much easier to import into future projects (i.e. you’ll only need to import a single file containing all of them, rather than each one individually). You can also delete the players and flows from a project that contains those expression maps and save it under a new name, and use it as a kind of ersatz template for future projects.

THANKS DANIEL, THAT’s what I needed t know. So I select the EWQLSO maps (Ctrl select) and export to a library. Then I just reload the library with every project even though HSO will also be present!

Got it! Thanks
Blessed Christmas to you and all there!

Where do we go to import expression maps?

It’s done from Play > Expression Maps.

Gracias Maestro! :slight_smile: