Expression maps for SE2 instruments, where

There are 33 NoteExp instruments in the patch list I’ve got in Cubase Pro 8.5. However, there is one zip file available in Cubase download where none of the included expression maps appear to match any of these instruments.

So, where are the matching maps? I bought Cubase as a download, could it be that these maps are available on the CD?

Or have Steinberg hidden the maps so cleverly that a moderately computer savvy person can’t find them :blush:

And also, as far as I can understand, it is not possible to figure out the available articulations by any other means?

Are you referring to NoteExp or expression maps for instrument articulation?

NoteExp is set up in an instruments modulation matrix during creation and will automatically show up in the NoteExp tab in the channel inspector.

If however you mean Expression Maps for instrument articulation (e.g. changing strings from bowed to pizzicato) there is an “Import Key Switches” function under the Expression Map tab in the inspector.

This option is only visible if the selected instrument has key switches. These are saved with the project but can also be saved to HD for future import.

These files have the extension .expressionmap so maybe you could search for that among your Cubase download files.

Thanks AposMus, I did mix up expression maps and the Note expression functions. After testing out and reading a lot more I now realize that expression maps are related to VX instruments, and as you say, can be created by importing key switches, and this option is not available for NoteExp instruments

Note expression is a different means of doing different things.