Expression maps from the "Build a Big Band | Discover Dorico" youtube announcement


Has the release of expression maps for big bands that was announced on Sep 29, 2022 been delayed, canceled or postponed (Build a Big Band | Discover Dorico - YouTube)? They where announced to be release early in December, but the majority have not yet been posted to the resources page. I’ve tried to ask about this through the on multiple occasions without getting any replay.
Does anyone have an update about this?


@John_at_Steinberg gets a lot of emails via that email address, so please excuse him if he’s not always able to reply in a timely fashion. There are still things outstanding with the playback templates for the big band libraries John covered in that livestream, but he has been working on them, and in at least one case waiting for updates from the library manufacturer.

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Ah, so I am not the only one waiting (vor Vintage Big Band) :wink:

I think John has a lot to do!

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I’ve just updated the page for Vintage Big Band, Vintage Horns and Vintage Horns 2.

(and replied to @ChristianDF email - sorry for the delay)


Trank you so much, John!