Expression Maps - How to trigger different playing Techniques using Velocity

I have got a VST Instrument that uses Velocity instead of Keyswitches to trigger different Samples(Swing Project Sam). Now I try to create an expression Map. Is there a way to handle this? I can Route e.g. staccato to different CC Actions to trigger different Samples but I can not Route staccato to a certain Velocity to trigger this Sample am I right? Velocity is not a CC Controler. So I am lost. I can trigger different Samples using mf, pp etc in the Score. But then there is no Volume Control. I routed Dynamics to Controler CC 11 which works fine. But then I cant trigger the different Samples, becaus Velocity is not changed anymore through Dynamics only CC 11. Anyone any Suggestions? Regards Henrik
Velocity Switch

OK. I got successful, triggering Three Techniques using Velocity as Secondary Dynamic (CC11 is used for Volume Dynamic).

Marc p = natural (Velocity Secondary Dynamic=1)
Stacc p = Staccato (Velocity Secondary Dynamic=44)
Marc F = Accent (Velocity Secondary Dynamic=127)

Stacc F = ???
I would like to add Accent as an Add on Switch to Staccato, to get there . But now it is used for the Accent.

sounds like you’ve found the right approach. Although I’ve never needed to try it, I’d assume that setting either the volume dynamic or the secondary dynamic – depending on how the library is set up — controller to velocity and both maximum and minimum to the stipulated value (or the range if it’s a range which your library stipulates) for the appropriate p.t should do the trick.

Thanks for your reply. I think for the Staccato F. I have to use a separate playing technique. Then it will work with this approach. The way using the add on Switch seems to be to complicated to me.

You have 4 techniques that are triggered in the standard velocity range (0-127) by the library, but you are only allocating 3 of them in the map and skipping Stacc F, that’s a little confusing to me.

AFAIK the easiest way is to divide the full velocity range 0-127 by 4 (the number of techniques you need to assign) and then to set the velocity range (instead of a single value) to each technique in Expression Map.

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