Expression Maps HSO

:question: I would like to test expression maps with HSO instruments in Cubase 6. From the manual page 421 I read that these maps are included in HSO …VX track presets. However I can’t find these HSO…VX track presets. I can find Halion Sonic SE track presets (for example Acoustic bass VX).

I’m not sure if I have succesfully installed HSO 1.5. When I look at About HSO, version is 3.something. Somewhere in HSO window I saw that I have 64-bit, 2-qore version of HSO, so I think I have HSO 1.5. I have one HSO.exe-file in c\program files…-folder and other in c\program files (x86)…-folder.

Help appreciated


Even though the question in the thread below is different, the answer for HSO is the same.


There is still a good reason for customized Expression Maps. The keyswitch import doesn’t automatically add score symbols or set the sound slot hierarchy. We will make these custom maps available soon. They just didn’t make it to the DVD for the first release.

We just uploaded the new Expression Maps and Track Presets for HSO / Halion Sonic SE. You can download here: