Expression maps : I have to always unload/reload the expression map for the attributes to work

Hello, I am using CSS, and I have a custom expression maps for attributes.
CC58 = 11 for spiccato
CC58 = 16 for staccatissimo
CC58 = 21 for staccato
CC58 = 26 for Sfz

But my patch always revert back to “staccato”. Sometimes If I disable “READ” and re-enable it on my CSS track, it works for a few seconds then the bug is back

Sometimes If I unload reload the expression maps it work for one playback and then revert back to “stuck on staccato”

I have no written automation

here is a video of the problem. It doesn’t make any sens, I don’t know why the articulations change or don’t change


Seems like you need to right click on the modwheel inside CSS patch and “REMOVE midi automation : CC1”