Expression maps improvements

Few improvements to expression maps I would like to see:

  • Ability to duplicate an expression map
  • Ability to copy/paste sound slots between expression maps
  • Option to auto create custom articulation with the same name as sound slot.
    (All the flexibility is nice, but when creating custom articulations, which I do most often, there are way too many steps involved: 1) create and name a sound slot, 2) choose “Add custom articulation” from a dropdown, 3) choose “Text” from a dropdown, 4) write the name of a custom articulation (which is identical to sound slot name). All this would be reduced to only the 1st step… I would still be able to edit it, if I wanted to, so no functionality is lost)
  • Ability to resolve missing articulations when copying/moving notes between parts (a way to select alternative for each missing articulation type)

Great ideas. Also:

All these everytime a new slot is created.

(1) Auto increment the MIDI channel
(2) Auto increment the Remote key
(3) Auto increment the key switch

If ‘Text’ is chosen then it should default on the name of the corresponding slot, as you said.

With maps that are controlled by MIDI channel, Cubase resets back to slot 1 when playback is stopped, this shouldn’t happen.
If you remove an Expression Map from the list things get messed up in the project, this shouldn’t happen.

A per articulation delay would be a great improvement.

A little bit more love in general for the MIDI editing side of things would be nice.

Change the order of the different EMs once added to the project.
The ability to group them into folders.
The ability to select the articulation in the project window by clicking in it.

Also, linking Expression Map - Helpful Additions here since this thread has been linked to the pool feature request.


Yes, this bigger and older thread in the C9 forum contains more suggestions to Expression Maps, so check this one out too:
“Expression Map - Helpful Additions”: