Expression Maps in Dorico SE

Am I correct in thinking that Expression Maps aren’t an option in Elements?

Says; Choose Play > Expression Maps

and this option doesn’t exist.

(You looking at the help for Dorico v1!)
Expression maps are under Library>Expression Maps and Playback Templates are under Play>Playback Templates.

Ah, I see. I have the same issue when I look for help on YouTube. No one ever removes old information so 90% of the information out there is redundant.

The older information is for people who still use the older software, and because the older documentation has been on line longer, it has more clicks, which rates it higher in the search display.

The answer is to create your own browser Bookmark for the current documentation or else to go through the Dorico Hub or program to access the appropriate documentation.

Perhaps the search results could favour newer articles?

Talk to Google/YouTube then to see if they can arrange that. It has nothing to do with Dorico, which is why it’s a problem.

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No, I meant when I searched on the Steinberg site the old stuff came up first.

When you search on you can go to the specific version you’re running. I’ve bookmarked that page.

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Thank you.

You can also start on the landing page and select the appropriate product and version number for you.

As Derrek mentions, there are still users out there with older versions of the software, therefore the documentation remains available. Webhelp pages show the version number at the top left of the page, but the Version 1 manual just shows “Dorico” which is admittedly not the most obvious distinction.

The documentation is aware of requests to make it clearer/easier to switch between versions.