Expression maps in Kontakt 5? HOW?!

Hello all!

So I’m new to using Cubase 6 and have Konatkt 5 and Albion. I’m trying to figure out how to get a good crescendo out of my instruments, how would I go about this? Looking for some good how-to tips. I’ve researched expression maps but I don’t see how Cubase can know what a crescendo is just because I type it in… So how do I do this?



If there is no concrete sample (articulation) for crescendo (if I no, in the Factory library of Kontakt, there isn’t), you can use Expression MIDI controller (CC11), and make your own length of crescendo/decrescendo.

If there is concrete sample for crescendo, you can just switch to this articulation. For this, you can use the Keyswitching. Or you can map your own Expression map. Which is like: press this key, if I set crescendo articulation. Or switch the channel, or send MIDI CC value, etc. Nothing more.

Can I do this on a keyboard with no mod wheels by chance? Or do I finally need to buy a new one? :stuck_out_tongue:

You can do this by any contiued controller. If you have Expression pedal, you can use this. If there is any programmable slider, on your keyboard, you can use it. If your keyboard is with AfterTouch, you can use this (but this is not so practical.


If there are keyswitches you should recognize them by looking
at the virtual keyboard of Kontakt as Keyswitches are coloured
differently. You can find out what articulation is layered on which key
by holding the keyswitch and playing a note. Then you can define the keyswitches
in the expression map (type in the note where it is layered and give it a name).

Btw, that’s what I love about Halion. You can import the keyswitches into the
expression map. Also works with Halion Sonic SE. Never tried it with Kontakt.

Ah, very nice! That is a big help!

Though I think I should also get a new keyboard. This one is 49 keys and has NOTHING. :smiley: Looking to get a 76 key at the least and I think mod wheels would just be a big help for me.

Or a CMC QC :wink:

But there is no crescendo articulation (which you are interested in) in the Factory Lirbary of Kontakt.

Right. And they wouldn’t work well.
I would simply autmate the volume for that reason.
In Halion Symphonic Orchestra it is steady assigned to the
mod wheel which is in my opinion the best way to set it up.

Does Kontakt even has an easily controllable Modulation Matrix
to set those things up?

Yes, it has. Just drug-and-drop the MIDI CC name from list to the exact virtual controller (knob, slider, button), you want to control. Or use MIDI Learn function (right click to the virtual knob/slider/button; choose MIDI Learn and move the physical knob/slider/button on your HW controller).

OK, I see… the original reason I got confused was because in doing research on the subject I came a cross a Youtube vid of someone setting up an expression map. I didn’t realize at the time but he was setting it up within East/West’s Symphonic Gold player. So the player has presets, he was just assigning them to keys.

Got I all figured out now! I originally just wanted to find “modulation” to control my crescendoes/decrescendos. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, I see…

In the EWQLSO library, there are instruments, which are marked by “MOD”. You can control crescendoes/decrescendos by Mod wheel on these instruments. Try it.