Expression Maps: Just dove into them - Devs here are a few simple suggestions

Expression Maps is something I’ve held out on for some time, just dug into it for the past week.

-Clear all Remote or Bypass Remote (Because the remotes block MIDI note input, and user may only be using Articulation Lane instead of Remote Triggers)

-Folders in the Expression Maps menus/search. (Folders auto-open to reveal user search matches)

-Expression Map Setup window needs better resizing capability - some column widths to narrow and obscure names.

-Duplicate Expression Map

-Load multiple Expression Map files at once.

-Sound Slots: Multiple Selection of Sound Slots for re-ordering

-Ability to copy and paste Sound Slots (to other expression maps)

-Sound Slots: ‘Add Custom Articulation’ should open a window where the symbol can be selected/text entered immediately, instead of having to go to the ‘Articulations’ column, open another menu, and then do it:

This is quicker, and 2 less clicks to accomplish the same thing.

-Output Mapping: Imo, there should be a MIDI Channel mapper where multiple MIDI Channels can be activated, instead of only being able to choose one MIDI Channel.
(This would obviously require the Output Mapping section to become larger)


FORGOR TO MENTION, I’m on 10.5, so not sure how relative these suggestions are to what’s in 11.

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