Expression Maps - KS change on dynamics


Is the ability to map dynamics to key switches implemented yet? I have a couple of libraries that use this technique—ancient Greek Winds for example.

I note that earlier discussions indicate it was under consideration.

If not, is there an effective way to work around this? Can I overload the use of an unused articulation and hide it on the printed score? Apologies if this is obvious, I’m rather new to Dorico and transferring my maps from Notion.


Maybe you could use the new midi trigger regions to do that?


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Now there’s an idea! Thanks for that. I’ll give that a go :slight_smile:


You can create a Playing Technique (“User mf”, for example) linked to one of the dynamics Playback Techniques (“mf”), and hide it in the score.

(I haven’t been able to check if this is implemented in v5, but I didn’t see it in the release notes.)