Expression Maps - lengths of articulations


How do you set the length of VST note expressions? Soon as I clicked on an expression lane it takes the length of the cycle selection, with no apparent way to resize its length.

Thank you!

Not sure I have completely understood…
The length of the Note Expression curve will always be the length of that note’s Note Expression window (but you can, if necessary, extend the length of the window, in order to, for example, extend the NE Curve through to the end of the note’s release time… but you can’t shorten it shorter than the actual note’s length).

Or, if you are saying that you just get a straight line instead of a curve that you can edit, then you probably have “One Shot” mode enabled (the “diamond” at the top-left corner of the NE window)

But, in any case, the NE curve (or line) is merely showing you the current value of that controller, so, for example, if your last drawn point was half way along the note’s length, then you’ll see a line going from that half-way point through to the end of the window.

Hi I’m not sure if we are talking about the same thing.
For what I’m referring to, please see screenshot attached. It can be seen that when I add an Articulation from the available articulations for that VSTi, it takes the entire length of my cycle selection, and there is no way I can determine how to shorten it to my liking so it only covers the note(s) I desire, e.g. ‘expressivo’ expression.

It sounds like you were referring to something else, with ‘curves’ and ‘one shot’. I was strictly operating in the Key Editor. How do I find the NE window?


If you are using the “Expression Map” setup, under “Articualtions” you can set the “Type” to “Attribute” or “Direction”. “Attribute” is a one shot deal, where that articulation only applies to the note it is on, where as the “Direction” type applies until a different articulation is put in.

Hope that helps and I am understanding correctly what you are asking/trying to accomplish. I am pretty new to Cubase and just started learning about the whole expression map thing about a month. I am finding it very cool and fun to work with.

This is not Note Expression, but Expression Map, that’s why you misled vic_france.

Open Expression Map setup, and look in the Articulations section: your “expressivo” is a Direction here.
Two ways to shorten this expression:
1- change the type to Attribute
2- create another articulation in the same group, so when a new articulation from the same group is entered, the previous is cut off (best for this type of expression).

TheMaestro, thank you. Before I went out I had bookmarked some reading under ‘Note Expression’ in the manual, and realized they are two different things. Thanks for clearing up my confusion!

Loving these Cubase features (I’ve come over from Logic)

Thanks Maestro :wink:

I have changed the title of this thread accordingly - thanks again both.