Expression Maps list has more items than the setup window

Hi there!,
For some weird reason, i’m seeing more items on the drop down list, than in the setup window and can’t get rid of it.
Last item on the list is “Cinematic Studio Strings Ensamble”, which doesn’t exist on the setup window :confused: .
I probably added it at some point, and then removed it, but it still there.

Tried adding / removing things, closing and reopening Cubase, doesn’t seem to fix it.

Attached screenshot.


Do I understand you right, that you can’t see the very last item in the Expression Map Setup, and you can’t scroll there?

Yes, that’s right, It seem to be a GUI problem,
I can’t get the list down there neither using the arrow keys, nor resizing the window.
No matter what I do, the list it won’t refresh properly.

Just small note, using the arrow keys, I’m able to “select” whatever is down there, but the list won’t move, and I can’t see what’s selected either.


Confirmed and reported to Steinberg.

thanks!! :slight_smile:

Further to that issue, the last item from a sound slot is not read. e.g. I have 4 note items (specifying VSL’s matrix, x-axis, y-axis, and AB), and only when I move the last item (AB switch) into group 3 does it work,

Do I have to post somewhere else in order to get a reply on my issues with the expression maps, or do I have to contact Steinbergs helpdesk ?



I reported this to Steinberg. If you want to get any official reply from Steinberg, inform them, it was reported (by me) already.

Thanks for the response. I will contact Steinberg, just to make sure they also see that it is an urgent matter (I’ve spend a lot of time in making expression maps, and now they don’t work well or not at all),