Expression Maps Location

I can not find my Expression Maps Location.

I’m on MacBook Pro. But I’m in the process on preparing to install cubase on a new Mac. My question is:

  1. If I transfer my template - will it also save my expressions maps as a part of that template?
  2. Or do I have to find the Expression Map Folder and transfer them too?

I have searched all my computer for Expression Maps but I can’t find them. I’m probably doing something wrong - but I can’t figure out what.

Do anybody have suggestions?


Yes, the Expression Maps are stored within the project = within the project template.

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:
will be easy to move template to cubase 11 when it comes soon


Actually the whole preferences is inherited from earlier Cubase versions. The rule is to inherit from 2 major versions down. So Cubase 11 will inherit preferences from Cubase 10.5.x, 10.0.x, 9.5.x an 9.0.x. Preferences of Cubase 8.5 users (and down) will not be inherited to Cubase 11.