Expression maps - logical operators documentation?

Is there documentation for what note lengths correspond to the conditions that one can ascribe to playing techniques?
Specific problem I’m having is with a VSL oboe, playing consecutive dotted semibreves, under a slur, and the note breaking. It should be ok with the legato-sus patch triggered, but its going to the plain legato. One has the Note length < long operator attached, the other has Note length >= long.
The factory patch had == very long and >=very long respectively, and I jumped to the conclusion that it wasn’t working as set.

Is this what you’re looking for?

Sort of, thanks. Is it the case that a note that will last 1.5 seconds counts as long regardless of the notated length? For example, a dotted quarter if my tempo was 60 bpm? In other words, is the engine looking at the notation, or the calculated duration?

It’s looking at the actual sounding duration, not the notated duration, yes. There’s been a few discussions about it on the forum if you want to read some of that (here’s one example: Expression Maps Improvement Request).

Thanks. It’s one of those things that it’s difficult to come up with the right search term for… wouldn’t have thought of that one :slight_smile: