Expression Maps & MIDI CC


In the Expression Map window, it’s possible to stack up several MIDI messages for an articulation (Note On, Program Change, CC…) When I set a “note on” message followed by CC #1 at value 0 (just in order to reset the instrument), it seems that Cubase doesn’t allow sending CC #1 at all anymore, neither in real-time nor by drawing a CC curve. The data is just blocked and never sent. Removing the Expression Map fixes this.

Why is that so? I just need the Expression Map to send a note-on for a keyswitch and then a MIDI CC #1 of value 0, then let me do what I want.

Any help?

Sorry, that’s just the way it is… when you declare a CC# in the VST Expression Map, it is then excluded from the “regular” MIDI input data.
But you could try the following…
record-enable a 2nd MIDI track to the same instrument and MIDI channel (but without any Expression Map on that track).

Thank you, but that defeats the whole purposes of Expression Maps imho. I can currently handle tons of instrument articulations on a single MIDI track with ease, so I’m not going back to multiple tracks…

I don’t understand the reasoning behind this implementation of CCs in Expression Maps. “That’s just the way it is” can just as well describe bugs, this doesn’t mean it can’t be changed… Unless of course I miss something that makes this behavior necessary. The CC gets sent only when the articulation is selected, and then doesn’t do anything (it doesn’t chase, resend or anything unless the articulation is reselected). So what could possibly be the use for blocking a user-selected CC? It seems to me there should at least be an option to filter it.