Expression maps midi channel

Win 10 - Cubase 10.0.60 - Expression maps question: I’m working with some kontakts loaded by 2 or more vst slots in progressive midi channel 1,2,3 etc.(several keyswitchs each one). I created a complete expression maps for all available articulations, I used to program only one midi track switching channel/kontakt slot due to articulation, but it’s works only on the first channel. I.e.: Kontakt Slot1 Flute (legato + marcato + staccato) and Kontakt Slot2 Flute (harmonics + trills) or Kontakt Slot1 Violins (legato + staccato + pizzicato) and Kontakt Slot2 Violins divisi (legato + staccato + pizzicato). Expression maps works only on channel 1. Any idea? Thanks!

You do set an expression map on each track (channel)?