Expression Maps - No Reset on Stop!


stopping the playback causes the expression map to jump back to the first slot. It is unknown whether this is a feature or a bug, but I want an option to prevent this from happening. It is very time consuming to switch back to the right articulation manually each time.

Please make this happen!

Put an empty dummy articulation that doesn’t do anything in the first slot. You can just add a new one to the list and drag it to the top.

Thanks, I know this workaround and have been using it so far for keyswitches. Unfortunately this doesn’t work for switching MIDI channels.

Besides, it is 2020 and this is such a basic thing, so why not make it a permanent feature? This has been requested for years.

Go you!!
Expression Maps need some serious work to bring them up to date. My last grueling experience with Expression Maps was so severe, I never want to go back. I am afraid, very afraid, to buy another orchestral library because of the pain I know it will inflict, because of the pain I would rather forget. :neutral_face:


It’s been asked for years now. Still a major pain. The whole expression map needs an serious upgrade.

I would add port switching in the maps so we can use multiple ports in VEPro.

I am having the same issue: every time I press stop or RECORD (!!!) the expression map keeps going back to the default!!! IT MUST BE CHANGED from Steinberg. In Logic Pro it stays to the selected/choosen Articulation and is very confortable. Please Steinberg reply to say if there are plans to change this very unmusical behaviour!!!


They haven’t fixed it because they can’t fix it. This has been requested for over 5 years. :mantelpiece_clock: