Expression Maps not loading after restart

Hey there,

I am currently using Cubase 10.5 on a Windows PC. I managed to create some expression maps for different keyswitch instruments. But everytime I close and reload the project I have to set the maps again for every single instrument.
Is there maybe a way to save the expression maps inside the project? I want to use it as a template so it would be a huge “time-eater” if I had to set the expression maps manually after every restart.

I hope you have a great solution, thank you :slight_smile:

I run C10.5 on PC and expression maps save fine within the project for me, when i close and re-open a project they still remain.

I know that’s not very helpful, but what you’re seeing is not the expected behaviour (in my experience).

All i can think is that i only use a few expression maps on a few tracks in a project -is your project quite large with multiple maps?

And when you return to the project do they disappear from selection list so you have to manually load them into the list again?

Or, do they exist in the selection list, but just not selected for each track correctly?

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Okay, I found out what the issue was.
I have a quite big template project with a big load of vst instruments and samplers. To save memory and cpu I deactivated the single tracks. I just re-activate them when I use them.
So everytime a track is deactivated the expression map is not showing. But if I reactivate it, the map is loading and working.
Thank you for your fast respond :slight_smile:

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