Expression Maps not triggering release samples in Kontakt

Hi guys, I have a weird problem when using Expression Maps and certain libraries. Not sure if the problem is with Cubase or certains libs though. Affected libraries so far are the one from Orchestral Tools and Cinesamples.

When an Expression Map is active, if I hit the space bar to stop playback, I don’t hear any release samples played for the currently played articulation. But if I disable the Expression Map, restart playback and stop again, release samples are played normally as it should.

When I click the wrench tool in Kontakt, and then in to groups, I can clearly see that the release samples are not triggered when the expression maps are active (after I hit spacebar to stop playback) , while they are as soon as I disable expression maps.

Anybody idea?
Thanks in advance.

When you hit stop with ewpression map the expression map reload the first articulation (at the begining) so if you begin with “staccato or like” you have a very short sound)

But “Vic” gonna say more on this perhaps… it’s the pro about expression map !

Thanks mate but it doesn’t seem to be the case. I am aware of this behavior when the first articulation is reloaded on stop. I made some tests where I changed the order of the articulations. I even added an empty articulation first to test and it is always the same thing. I don’t hear a staccato sample, it’s really the release sample that is not played on let say a sustain sample. Like if the sound is cutting.

I have tons of Expression Maps that works perfectly with my other libs but it seems this behavior only happens with Orchestral Tools libs.

Really weird…

Vic is in fact going to say very little about this one :blush: :wink: … I have no idea why that would be happening (unless maybe the Expression Map in question is transmitting CC#s rather than just trigger notes… and simply cutting the volume of the note when you hit Stop? Without having the actual library and its Expression Map, just guessing in the dark :wink: )

I understand. May it is something with the way OT or Cinesamples are scripting their things…
Thanks anyway.

Another detail…

It seems the problem is there even with an empty Experession Map! A new Map with no keys entered, and the problem is there if the map is activated.

So is there any midi data sent by the Map when we hit Space bar to stop?

Not sure if the following would make any difference, but…
In Preferences>MIDI, have you activated “Reset on Stop”?

I tried with or without. But I didn’t completely restart Cubase between attempts though…
Maybe I can retry with a complete restart…

I doubt that would make any difference… especially since you say it only happens with this one library.