Expression Maps not working with SINE Player for me

I’m can’t get SINE player to receive information from Expression Maps, though I’m sure it’s something basic that I’m doing wrong.

I’ve set up keyswitches in SINE player starting on C-2 to trigger Flute articulations. As long as I don’t have my Expression Map loaded on the MIDI flute’s channel in Cubase, the keyswitches work fine and everything is normal.

When I assign my expression map to the flute channel, the keyswitches no longer work AND the expression maps don’t seem to work either.

Like I say, I feel like it’s something simple I’m missing or not doing. Anyone have an idea? Here are some pics:

SINE Player with articulations loaded:

Cubase Expression map for flutes:

Cubase Flutes Midi Track

Hmmm. I’m wondering. Maybe it’s because I don’t have the output mapping specifically assigned. I’ve got the Remote Keys mapped in the Sound Slots, and I thought that that would automatically map like for like across to the SINE player, i.e. press Remote Key C-2, it automatically triggers C-2 in SINE.

But… I’ll bet it doesn’t. I had thought that the output mapping in the Expression Map editor was only necessary if you wanted to re-map parameters (so pressing Remote Key C-2, you could trigger, say, C0 in SINE – remapping). But now methinks it’s not just for remapping, it has to mapped from the get go.

Not at my home studio right now so can’t test it out, but I’ll bet that’s the problem.


Aye, lads. That was it. Hopefully this little monologue will hang around if someone else finds themselves in the same spot.

Take away:
You have to assign the output mapping, even if you’re Remote Keys are the same as your keyswitches in your vst. Of course, you can have your Remote Keys trigger a different keyswitch in your vst, as well. But a mapping has to be assigned regardless.