Expression maps on midi channel with different track delay (like junkie xl)

Hello, on cubase I am trying to setup an expression maps that triggers articulations based on midi channels, therefore it’s firing different kontakt patch based on the articulation.

My legato articulations are set to channel 3 in the expression maps, and my shorts are set to channel 1.

I made things work if every patch is loaded under the same kontakt instance. But what I want to achieve is a different track pre delay for the channel 1 (shorts = -60ms) and the channel 3 (legato = -150ms).
Cubase lets you set the track delay per instrument track and not per midi channel. Therefore I had the idea to load multiple kontakt track, and have my master midi channel use “midi sends” to talk to each kontakt based on the articulation that is fired by the expression maps.

Is that possible ?

Read this thread - it references several multi scripts for Kontakt as well as the one the post is about.

Here is another one mentioned there.

This one is the first one I ever used. Geared towards CSS and those products but could work in any situation.