Expression Maps: Play instructions are not imported correctly

I have noticed that playing instructions are not imported correctly when importing an expression map or a playback template (with an expression map included). I tried this with the Steinberg Electric Bass Expression Map, and had to add certain playing instructions manually (please try it yourself with the Electric Bass playback template). Strangely enough, there are only a few of them, such as “slap pull” and “slap + staccato”. But expression maps make no sense without playing instructions and playback instructions. And the mutual exclusions (in case of direction not attribute) are not very well visible in the Expression Maps (they are hidden in the collapsed second menu below the map by default), but they are quite important that all the expression “mechanics” are working as expected (e.g. if the “muted” passage won’t change back to “pick” or “slap” or what else on a electric bass note line). I think here is some room for improvement.

I think you are confusing Cubase Expression Maps with Dorico Expression maps. The two are very different from each other. To quote the manual “… Although Dorico Pro approaches expression maps in a different way to Cubase, Dorico Pro correctly imports many switches from expression maps you import from Cubase, such as pizzicato, harmonics, and flutter tongue.”

It might not import all switches and it may not connect an imported switch to a playing technique.

I didn’t talk about importing Cubase expression maps into Dorico. I talk about importing the playback template of Electric Bass into Dorico 5.0.20 where the expression map for this instrument is included. Please have a look at the link above und you will see that this template is for Dorico, not for Cubase. And the playing instructions are not imported as “Slap+Pull” but as “pt.user.slap_pull” and not as Basis but as Add-On, which doesn’t make sense imo (see picture 1). And the key switch for natural harmonics is missing completely (see picture 1+2). And although “slap” is part of the expression map, it is not available as playing instruction, so you can’t use with Shift-P in the score (see picture 3).
Please try importing the playback template above and have a look at the expression map in Dorico afterwards and try to apply the playing techniques.

Picture 2: natural harmonics missing

It does appear that the “slap pull” playback technique that is referenced by the expression map is not included in the library file (though the “pick” playback technique is present and correct). I’ll ask my colleague John, who made this playback template, to take a look and see about updating the playback template in due course.

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Thank you Daniel. In the meantime I managed the gaps in the expression map, but it would be of course worthful for other users to have this fixed.