Expression maps question


My first question/post on this forum. Happy to be there…

I have downloaded expression maps for Halion One and Halion Symphonic Orchestra
from Steinberg web site.

When I try to load some of these files (with ‘.expressonmap’ file extension) from
“Configuration VST Expression” window in cubase 5.5.2 Build 637 (windows-7 64 bits)
nothing happens… No error , nothing changed inside Cubase, in other words, nothing
seem to happen…

I am not sure however to be doing something which is supposed to work.
I am just trying to discover the product in more details (I got it 2 weeks ago)…
I was expecting to see Cubase loading information allowing me to modify expression of
VX instruments (for instance) when working with the instruement under score editor.
However all this is not clear to me yet …

Any comment or help is welcome…

Thanks for your help in advance.


Page 374 in your manual. there is a demo project included on your install disc… they’re pretty simple once you’ve seen it done.

Ok, you are right it works with the demo project…

Looks like the Expression maps provided by steinberg are empty boxes and that you have to configure
them yourself for you exact needs … More work in perspective…


No they work fine here mate, perhaps you have done something a bit wrong?
I was with our guitarist a couple of days back working on some strings and they were working just fine in both HALion one and HSO.
Some of the maps are more limited than others… i think one of the bass sounds only has ‘fingered, mute and pull’, whereas the large strings in HO has four or five.

In fact I am able to save and reload an expressionmap file from the demo project…

However, the maps provided by steinberg on the disk independantly (and the ones I dowloaded from the web site)
are apparently not loadable (without any error message) in the version I am using (last 55.5.2 version in 64 bit
mode on windows 64).

I think there is either a bug here or Steinberg has to provide a set of maps generated from a 64 bit build.

The difference in the files are mainly the Ids of the objects in the XML file … They have different ranges values
from the files I am failing to load and the ones I have exported and succesfully reloaded from the demo project :

(the one working)


(the one failing)

I think I will have to open a case to the support… (unless I get a solution from this forum)

Ok mate i see.
I just use the 32bit version of cubase because it’s so stable… may test the waters with jbridge at some point though.