Expression maps -> Remove mutes

Nice work with the new upgrade, finally I’ll now start doing more serious works with Dorico! :slight_smile:

One thing I’ve discussed here a while ago is the handling of mutes. I’m using GPO5 and JABB and have created expression maps for most of the instruments. Pizz/arco works fine with the strings, but mutes doesn’t work, neither on the strings nor the brass.
Switching to a muted sound works fine but not the reverse. Even though I delete the playing technique text (e.g. Harmon mute) the mute sound is still there. The only way to get back to the unmuted sound is to add “mute off”.
I have tried different commands to remove the muted sound, such as: Open, Ord, Mute off, Senza sord, nat. etc but none of them works.

/ Mats

You really should find, Mats, that adding a “nat.” playing technique cancels a mute. Can you put together a little package of a simple project with one of your GPO5 expression maps that reproduces the problem and attach it here? Thanks!

Daniel, now I’ve found a solution/workaround for this issue.

Firstly I had missed to specify key switch 36 for the Natural sound in the trumpet expression map. But, from earlier discussions I learned that I should use “Open1” in the expression map for the brass, but that doesn’t work. But since it now is possible to edit/add new playing techniques I created a new one, as shown in the pic. Works like a charm! HOORRAAAAAYYY!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks Daniel, and once again, congratulations to a great update!!

Great, I’m glad you’re in business!

I think many users would appreciate getting their hands on those expression maps :smiley:
If you want to share, send them to John Barron, and he can add them to this post.

John has already created expression maps for GPO 5.
I can sure send him mine for JABB, as soon as I have checked they work fine for all instruments.

That would be helpful!