Expression maps - Reordering actions inconsistency

If I have multiple actions for an expression map entry, I can order these arbitrarily in the user interface using the upward and downward pointing arrows as described in the Dorico 3.5 History, but I’m unable to get key switches to precede CC or PC in the actual midi stream. Is this by design, or am I missing something.

There was a problem in a much earlier version where these could get out of order, but that was fixed. I’ve just tried this and it’s working as expected for me. Can you attach a minimal project that shows the problem?

reorder actions (347 KB)

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Thanks, I can see this happening now. The thing that confused me was that our automated tests showed this was working as expected (as you can see if you export a MIDI file). However, MIDI routing code goes through a slightly different path, and there’s some logic that ensures that controllers always get output before notes at the same position, as that is almost always required for regular note events. In this case though you want to bypass this rule to output the note events first. I’ll log this - I’ll have to think if there’s a way of fixing this without breaking other projects that rely on notes before controllers.

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