Expression Maps Request

I don’t know if this idea could be transformed into some type of sticky but I imagine that there are a lot of users that have created expression maps or are needing one. It can be a time consuming task to create them. Sharing them with each other on the forum seems like a good idea. There are currently list posted here and there but updating web pages also takes time.

Personally I would love it if someone had an expression map for Session Horns Pro:

Expression Maps list by Steinberg:

Expression Maps list by Spitfire Audio:

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Here’s 2 for Sessions Horn Pro. Since SHP has more articulations than slots for them, the Generic one lets you use the 9 slots (I think it’s 9) with whatever you put in them inside Kontakt. The All Articulations map uses 2 instances of SHP one on Ch 1 & the other on Ch 2 & the map changes the midi channel to route to a specific articulation. You’ll need to set the slots in SHP to be the same as in the map.

Also I don’t trigger articulation changes via a midi controller keyboard so that is all missing from these maps. But easy enough to add.
Session Horns Pro (5.58 KB)

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Awesome, thanks raino!!!

Thanks very much. I had all my maps in Cakewalk before switching to Cubase. Cakewalk allows import from cubase, but not vice versa. Really appreciate your time.