Expression Maps reset on Stop is still an issue

I know it has been discussed in the past but this is still a pretty big issue that needs to be addressed.

When using expression maps to switch midi channels on multitimbral instances of Play, Kontakt or Omnisphere, it’s very easy to setup up to 16 different articulations or sounds on the same track. It’s like a ‘‘build your own’’ keyswitch patches if you like. Kudos for expression maps.

The only problem is that Cubase resets to channel 1 on stop until it’s actually written down in the controller lanes. That does not happen with keyswitch patches and probably because it is irritating has hell. It seems like Steinberg has not gone far enough with it’s expression maps scenarios to see the issues.

Yes it works when it’s written down in the controller lanes but when you want to play the part instead of manually writing it, when you want to record a few takes, the channel being reset on every Play/Stop is a very annoying issue. I’ve tried turning of chasing features off all together and nothing works. I’m triggering the midi channels in the expression maps with a external controller using program changes.

Again, I know that that has been pointed out before but it’s not yet fixed. If anybody has workarounds, until hopefully, this gets resolved, please share them with us.

I agree with you.
This is another detail that SB missed.

I hope they fix it too.

The workaround has been discussed in these Forums several times, but after awhile it tends to get buried so it’s worth repeating.

If you put a blank Slot at the top of your Expression Map - one that has no articulations & doesn’t do anything. This will disable the reset on stop. For existing Maps just add a Slot and drag it up to the top.

I’ve tried that and it does not work. Maybe it did in the past but that workaround no longer works. What I end up doing is use a second midi controller with an arpeggiator like the Keystep or the inexpensive Akai LPK25 to run a one note arpeggiator on hold starting on c-2. I assigned my expression maps to be triggeredd from C-2 and upward so it’s out of range of any VST instrument.

It’s still an issue though and I think Steinberg needs to be reminded of it every once in a while. Hopefully they get tired of seeing this issue come up and finally fix it.

Still an issue 1 and a half years later. Cubase is sending ‘note off’ when playback stops. This overrides the latch function.

Same issue here… if you’re building expression maps using MIDI channels (ie using instruments without built in key switching functionality) then the expression map resets to channel 1 on transport stop. Super irritating to say the least! Please make this behavior match that of expression maps that use a single MIDI channel where the articulation does not reset. (fyi using the empty slot does not work in this case, it is a MIDI channel issue).