Expression Maps riddled with bugs

I’ve just wrapped up a project in Cubase 7.5. Not the worst experience (I survived), but it certainly could be better.

My biggest problem was with Expression Maps - sometimes articulations disappear from key editor! By some luck it seems to come back.

When recording, even when I record with the articulation pressed sometimes it doesn’t seem to register?

Also even if you have expressions, the key editor doesn’t show them unless you add the expression lane. WHYYY?? Why those extra steps? Why can’t it be on by default?

Adding expression maps is very tedious because the labels/controls you created for a previous patch aren’t available. Also, why can’t the default keyswitch be the one you assigned to the control? why does it always have to be C3? :unamused:

Seriously I’ve just moved to C7.5 from Reaper and you guys have NAILED the features - these features are brilliant IF they work. That seems to be a pretty big IF. Why oh why?? Do I have to go back to an articulation per midi track?? :frowning:

I would happily pay for an update that JUST works. No more additional features - just plain simple it works without bugs, as it says in the tin. I’d pay a hefty $99-$150 just for a point release if it achieves just that. And I haven’t even started to scratch the surface of Cubase. This project was all midi tracks with VE Pro and expression maps. :frowning: