Expression Maps: routed to second device?

Hi everyone,

Quick question: Can you set expression maps inputs to an external device other than a MIDI keyboard? (i.e. touch pads, or any other device)

• I believe, from my understanding, that expression maps can only be set on you MIDI keyboard for key-switching purposes.
• I’m trying to find a way to have key-switches done through the expression map feature. However, my string library takes up 99% of my keyboard, therefore, there aren’t enough keys for me to trigger different articulations.

So I was thinking maybe a can have a device setup for the sole purpose of controlling my articulations (like a second keyboard, or a pad, or whatever) so that my main keyboard isn’t affected by key-switches.

Hope this is clear, and thanks for your help.

Hi and welcome,

In the Expression Map Setup, you can switch from the Key Switches to the Program Changes in the Remote Setup. Then your MIDI Keyboard wouldn’t send the Key Switches. And you can use any other MIDI Device to send the specific Program Changes to trigger the Map Expression slot.