Expression Maps seem to crash C10 on project open.

I have a template that includes expression maps. I don’t use them in every song. It seems that I can load a song with expression maps the first time after a computer reboot. If I then close the song and reopen it or quit C10, restart it and reopen the song, C10 sometimes (and often) crashes near the end of the load cycle. When this happens, the only way I can load the song again is to reboot the computer.

I’d been having crash problems for a while with no idea what caused them. I read the some folks had crash problems with the expression map editor so I decided to remove all my expression maps from a song. I’ve had no crashes on that song since.

Does anyone know of a work around for this issue? Expression maps are one of the main reasons I use Cubase. I really don’t want to give them up.


Hi, could you share your Expression Maps file?

Thanks Maestro. Unfortunately I can’t seem to attach the files. The forum does not recognize the .expressionmap file type. I PM’d you with my home email address. If you send my a regular email I’ll attach the files in a reply.


Got your PM Maestro. Thanks. Should have thought of the zip idea myself. Please find the zip file in the attachments. Also note that there are three expression maps there since those were the ones I deleted.

Thanks again for your help.
Expression (5.95 KB)

Unfortunately I can’t see anything wrong with your Expression Maps.
The problem seems to lie elsewhere in your project, probably in your template.
If I were you I would rebuild my template from scratch, especially if it has been made with an older version of Cubase.

Thanks for taking the time Maestro. The template was in fact made with an older version of Cubase. Didn’t realize that could be a problem. I hate to start from scratch but I’ll try it and see what happens.