Expression maps via Program Change is not working

Has anybody tried to use expression maps with the remote set to program change messages?
At least through the key editor, program changes have no effect on expression maps and do not change articulations you have set up to respond to program changes. Is this a bug?
Thank you


We discussed the topic in another thread, right?

I wouldn’t say it’s a bug in common sense. I would guess Program Change just hasn’t been implemented.

Well I guess it should then not be an option in the corresponding menu, right? Also, it is documented in the manual as a working alternative. There are people that buy cubase for orchestral template setups and for features like the one in discussion. By the way, in the other thread we were discussing the problem in relation to external ipad apps and controllers and not as a complete cubase inherent problem. I think it should clearly been pointed out that articulation changes through expression maps can be remotely switched only by KEY SWITCHES and not PROGRAM CHANGE MESSAGES in cubase. So I guess you are right, it is not a bug in common sense, it is actually a whole missing feature that is misleadingly documented as functional.
Thank you for your reply!


I just tried this on my side, and it works to me. I just send a Program Change on MIDI Channel 1, and the Expression slot changes.