Expression maps via Program Change messages problem

I have made expression maps that I am trying to trigger through program change messages. Basically I tried to do the triggering by a lemur app called artsys but I could not find a way to send program change messages. Though I could easily send CC messages. So I did that and added a midi transformer plugin on the midi channel, transforming the cc message to program change. I verified that this was successful with a midi monitor plugin after the transformer. Problem is that the expression map would not respond to these program change messages. Then I proceeded to send the program change messages through the key editor and again the messages had no effect on the expression map. Can somebody help me with that? It seems like the program change as remote does not function at all!
Let me say that if I change the remote from program change messages to key switch everything works as expected.
Thank you!


From your test it seems the Expression Maps data are before the Input Transformer in the MIDI signal flow. The solution would be to transform the data before they come to Cubase.

Yes you are right. Problem is i dont have a way to do that through the app I use in lemur. But what about the key editor? That should be before the expresssion map, right? Thank you!